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Hooked On Nature is a quite new company. It all started (2008) when Kerstin Gunnarsson, while hiking up in the Swedish mountains, saw some german people picking blueberries by hand and realised there are no foldable berrypicker on the market.

When she came home she started thinking about if there were any other problems i her life (regarding her outdoor life) and she realised, there were many of them. Right now Hooked On Nature have 7 own products. It is, of course, the foldable berry picker, a Muschroom-Berry bag, a Seat cushion, a backpack, a lingonberry pack and two kinds of Mushroom knives. Hooked on Natures products are for people who appriciate design and open air and who value functional, enviromentally-smart and quality products.

It has been very important that the products are small and weight as little as possible. Our vision and mission is to get more people out in the forest and the thing that keeps us going is our own passion for nature. The company has a small webbshop but it is so far only for Swedish customers. In the webbshop we have of course our own products but we also have other products. We are looking for products that we really like ourselves and would you be interested in bying something from our webshop, please contact us via e-mail and we will solve it.

Kerstin Gunnarsson, the companies managing director also give lectures about “the adventure” she has experienced while coming up with the idea of a foldable berrypicker and the struggle she has been through getting her products out on the market. Kerstin hope that she with the lectures will inspire people, who have dreams about starting up a buissness, actually will do it. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!


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